What does MINIMIS make?
Are your products UL listed?
What is the IP rating?
How durable are your lights?
What documentation do you provide?
What's the light output? Do you have photometrics files?
What is each of the model's suitable application / installation?
How long have you been manufacturing your lights?
Where are your lights manufactured? What parts are Chinese?
How are these powered?
How long is your warranty? What are the terms?
Are they dimmable?
Do the lights generate heat?
Your lighting is too expensive.
What does MINIMIS make?
 We design and manufacture premium, hand-made, micro-minuscule architectural, marine, and landscape lighting. Made in America.
 Are your products UL listed?
 When low-voltage lighting is operated on a Class II transformer (12vDC 5 amps or less), AHJ's (authority having jurisdiction) can opt to waive the UL listing requirement, provided the transformer itself is UL listed. The AHJ for enforcement of the Code has the responsibility for making interpretations of the rules, for deciding on the approval of equipment and materials, and for granting the special permission contemplated in a number of the rules. By special permission, the AHJ may waive specific requirements in this Code or permit alternative methods where it is assured that equivalent objectives can be achieved by establishing and maintaining effective safety. AHJ typically find that MINIMIS luminaires, because of their incredibly low power draw of only 0.083 amps (83 milliamps @ 12vDC constant voltage, wired in parallel, not in series) - and with this same iteration having been installed in countless commercial projects since late-2010 (including the Chevron worldwide corporate headquarters main amphitheatre - are inherently low-risk and pose no shock or fire hazard, enabling AHJ to be fully within their rights to approve our luminaires to be used in a commercial installation, and the NEC article 411 requirements are essentially rendered meaningless.
 Because UL, CE, ETL, and TÜV safety standards are 20 years behind the curve, with respect to the size, heat, and current-draw advantages of LED, low-volage LED luminaires are being shouldered with unnecessarily over-engineered standards based upon high-current halogen and incandescent platforms. It's important to note that our luminaires only draw 0.083 amps (83 milliamps) at 12vDC constant voltage, generate almost no heat, and are to be wired in parallel, not in series, meaning that the aggregate amperage flowing through each luminaire cable remains at 83 milliamps, no matter how many luminaires you have installed.
 As a result, in order for our luminaires to conform to ALL the UL requirements, they would have to be four times larger, eliminating the minuscule advantages we offer. The luminaires are not UL-listed, however they are to be operated on the MINIMIS LP-Series Power Kit, which features a UL-listed, fully-encapsulated IP-67 SELV transformer (available in Class-2, upon request), a UL-listed IP-67 enclosure for the transformer, and an IP-67 TUV-listed terminal enclosure.
 We have built our MINIMIS fixtures to conform to as many of the safety standards as as is physically possible, including the following:
  - Housing is UV resistant material, conforming to UL standards
  - The conductors are triple-shielded against risk of abrasion with any metal parts (two layers of adhesive-lined heat-shrink tubing then cavity filled with methyl methacrylate adhesive to relieve strain, and prevent any movement), conforming to UL standards
  - The LED and contacts are fully encapsulated with a conformal coating that enable it to be completely submerged in water - under power - with zero risk of arcing, conforming to UL standards
  - The pigtail features dual 22-gauge individually-insulated conductors, conforming to UL standards
  - All exposed metal parts are highly resistant to corrosion, conforming to UL standards
  - Our luminaires are wired in parallel, rather than in series, so the nominal per-luminaire current of 83 milliamps does not change, unlike in series, wherein as each additional luminaire is added to the serial chain, the nominal current increases.
  - The additional components of the power kit are also UL-listed, rated to well-beyond the voltage required by our luminaires
 An installation such as this, like with custom lighting, can receive a site approval by inspectors.
 The power supply in our power kit is UL 60950-1 compliant, which requires the transformer to have Safety Extremely Low Voltage (SELV) conformal circuitry and protections, explained below:
 SELV transformers feature a SELV circuit is a "secondary circuit which is so designed and protected that under normal and single fault conditions, its voltages do not exceed a safe value." A "secondary circuit" has no direct connection to the primary power (AC mains) and derives its power via a transformer, converter or equivalent isolation device.
 An SELV output is achieved through electrical isolation with double or reinforced insulation between the primary and secondary side of the transformers. Moreover, to meet SELV specifications, the voltage between any two accessible parts/conductors or between a single accessible part/conductor and earth must not exceed a safe value, which is defined as 42.4 VAC peak or 60VDC for no longer than 200 ms during normal operation. Under a single fault condition, these limits are allowed to go higher to 71VAC peak or 120VDC for no longer than 20 ms.
 For added comfort level, we can ship the LP-Series Power Kit with a Class II transformer, which limits the max amperage to 5A. This obviously would reduce the max number of luminaires that would operate on the kit, from 60, down to 45 luminaires. Then you would simply obtain a site stamp from the inspector, as you would when involving custom-crafted luminaires.
 What is the IP rating?
 These are all IP-67, meaning, "suitable for wet location" (kitchen, bath, outdoors, etc., but not suitable for permanent submersion (pools, ponds, etc)). The LED and secondary optics (lens or reflector) are a single, integrated, waterproof unit, eliminating the need for seals or gaskets that can dry and crack, leading to ultimate failure.
 How durable are your lights?
 We have designed and crafted our line of illumination to be virtually bomb-proof and shatterproof, leveraging the clear advantages of titanium and acrylic. We chose titanium for a host of reasons, including its durability, corrosion resistance, and thermal stability, making it suitable for harsh environments, from arctic, to desert, to marine. We originally designed our illumination specifically for the luxury marine vertical, so that it would be suitable in any environment.
  What documentation do you provide?
 Located on our resources page (http://www.minim.is/download), you will find cut-sheets, specifications, installation instructions, online lookbook (catalog), press-ready high-resolution images, executive summary, and more.
 What's the light output? Do you have photometrics files?
 The LED itself has an output of only 19 lumens. However, we have engineered the highest-end optics on the market, with the lenses custom-crafted in Finland, and the metallic cup-reflectors custom-milled in Milan, Italy. The superior optics focuses and intensifies the light, making this considerably brighter than simply 19 lumens, while avoiding any heat generation. Nonetheless, the LP-series luminaires are not intended to be halogen-replacement, or for general area illumination, but rather for decorative and accent lighting, such as wall-grazing, pathway lighting, entranceway marking, stairway lighting, and vegetation lighting. Light effect is determined by a host of factors, including: color of surface to be illuminated, amount of ambient light, and distance of luminaire from surface to illuminated. However, in relative darkness, our LP-Series luminaires can illuminate a white wall of up to 8 - 10 feet (2.5 - 3 meters)in height. Because of the small lumen output of the LED we employ, they are not suitable for photometry. These luminaires, rather than being technical products, are to be regarded emotionally and intuitively instead. .
 What is each of the model's suitable application / installation? >
 QUANTUM LP and DOT LP are all-titanium luminaires for recessed installation into gypsum board (drywall), wood, marble, tile, steel, granite, glass, concrete, and more). Ideal for kitchen and bath. Because of the 19mm x 19mm titanium bezel (at 1/2mm thickness), they can be installed into mosaic tile (average size between 19mm sq, and 25mm sq), and can disappear into the design. The two luminaires are virtually identical in size and form factor, except for the fact that they use different secondary optics. DOT LP employs a lens; QUANTUM LP employs a metallic cup reflector. Because of its cup reflector, QUANTUM LP is not suitable for uplighting (floor-installed, firing up) in a wet location. Installation instructions are available at: www.minim.is/download
 IRIS LP is a solid-titanium luminaire for recessed, FLUSH installation into wood materials. IRIS LP has also been installed in marble and granite, but require blocking the underside with wood. IRIS LP can be driven over by a car. IRIS LP shares the same optics as DOT LP. Installation instructions are available at: www.minim.is/download
 THUMBTACK LP is a tiny-aperture landscape light, suitable for installation into grass, mulch, hardscape, earth, and more. Comprised of nylon, nickel-plated brass, and titanium. Titanium stake is removable, so that the luminaire may be installed in wood, as a sconce light, an can be hand-painted, to match the color of surface that it is installed in. Available in two form-factors: UPRIGHT (1UP) and 90º ANGLE (1ANGLE).
How long have you been manufacturing your lights?
 MINIMIS was founded in 2008, and began shipping the LP-series line of illumination in late 2011. Our very first production-ready prototypes from that time are still burning brightly, using a chip from Taiwanese company EPISTAR, one of the oldest and highest quality-driven LED manufacturers. We have been shipping the very same base LED module since 2011, making it a very tried-and-true luminaire.
 Where are your lights manufactured? What parts are Chinese?
 From the beginning, it has been MINIMIS' commitment to make our luminaires as "American Made" as is physically and economically feasible. Our luminaire housings are milled in the United States, and the luminaires are assembled in the United States. In this global economy, it is inescapable to source components from China. With that said, the titanium is sourced from China (verified by 3rd-party materials specialist), the LED sub-assembly (using the Taiwanese EPISTAR chip) is manufactured in China, and our precision injection-moulded plastic components (tolerance >0.01mm) are made in China. The custom-crafted acrylic optics are made in Finland, and the metallic cup reflectors are custom-milled in Milan, Italy.
 How are these powered?
 The entire LP-Series line of illumination were designed to operate error-free and flicker-free, on 12-volt DC, constant voltage. Not constant current. Because of our frustrations with constant current, including fragile and proprietary LED drivers, confusing calculations for serial wiring methods, and the increase in aggregate wattage as you add more luminaires to a serial chain, we responded by designing voltage-driven lights, which offer significant advantages, including more stable, cost-effective transformers, simple parallel wiring methods, and an aggregate amperage of only 0.083 amp on each luminaire's cabling. Engineered to withstand voltage variation from 9-15 volts, we designed these to operate stably even on a filthy automotive battery. To facilitate easy specification of our LP-Series of illumination, we have developed the LP-Series Power Kit - a MINIMIS-tested and validated power kit that contains all the major components required to power our luminaires - all with a single mouse-click. UL-listed IP67 Meanwell transformer, UL-listed IP67 transformer enclosure, and UL-listed IP67 junction enclosure with quick-jumper bus-bars. None of these components are made in China. The power kit is available in four configurations:
  - PKLP0115, for operation of 1 to 15 luminaires.
  - PKLP1630, for operation of 16 to 30 luminaires.
  - PKLP3145, for operation of 31 to 45 luminaires.
  - PKLP4660, for operation of 46 to 60 luminaires.
 Also available is an upgrade kit, enabling an existing power kit to be increased by increments of fifteen luminaire connections, but total number of luminaires connected to this power kit must not exceed 60 (sixty) units.
 How long is your warranty? What are the terms?
 MINIMIS LP-Series luminaires carry a three-year warranty. If operated on a standard eight-hour daily cycle, you can expect over ten years of error-free operation.
 - are operated on 12-volt AC
 - are operated on 12-volt AC to 12-volt DC conversion
 - are operated on a direct connection to 110-volt source without 12-volt DC constant voltage transformer
 - are operated on a direct connection to 220-volt source without 12-volt DC constant voltage transformer
 - are operated on a constant-current LED driver of any voltage
 - are operated on any DC constant-voltage power source other than 12-volt DC constant voltage
 - are operated on any dimmer
 - are wired in series (serial), or wired in any manner other than parallel
 - are operated on a power grid that is subject to brown-outs that have tendency to damage any electric or electronic items
 - are operated for extended periods on generators
 - are operated in IP 68 conditions (submersible, pools, fountains). LP products are to be operated in conditions up to and including IP 67 conditions.
 - have their pigtail cut within four (or less) inches from the base of the luminaire
 MINIMIS may make recommendations on specific brands and/or models of power supply/transformer, and/or associated electrical components and/or the installation methods of the items therein. MINIMIS is not compensated in any form, for such recommendations, but rather provides the recommendations out of courtesy to our clients. Such recommendations shall not be construed as warranties, and MINIMIS makes no warranties or guarantees as to the performance and/or longevity and/or correct installation methods of such products. It is the client's responsibility or client's assigns' responsibility to consult official agents of said products for correct configuration and installation methods. It is the client's responsibility or client's assigns' responsibility to consult an electrician or appropriate professional on local codes and ordinances. Unless otherwise stated, MINIMIS products are not UL listed. It is the client's responsibility or the client's assigns' responsibility to determine their project's UL requirements, if any.
 Are they dimmable?
 Because of the extremely tiny real estate inside our LED/Lens Module, and in order to confidently offer a three-year warranty, we made our LP-Series luminaires NON-DIMMABLE. Please read the warranty terms, to avoid invalidating your warranty.
 Do the lights generate heat?
 As part of the heat dissipation design of the luminaire, you may notice a little heat on the pigtail, about four inches from the base of the luminaire. This is normal. However, the fixture housings generate no heat, and thus pose no danger to curious children's hands.
 Your lighting is too expensive
 First of all, our illumination is the smallest on the market. There is no competition. With that said, a client or builder may be tempted to source a fixture that is "only" four times larger, but to be candid, we have seen several projects in Dubai that have chosen to source cheap Chinese lighting, and with disastrous and embarrassing results. Short life-span, embarrassing disco-style flickering, and mismatched color temperatures. Little likelihood that the Chinese manufacturers will honor their stated warranty, and the often-overlooked costs of sending repairmen to replace the fixtures and/or bulbs when they fail. The old saying, "Pay now, or pay later" holds true in this situation.
 MINIMIS luminaires are hand-made, meaning each one is physically inspected by a human. Our illumination employs only the finest of premium materials, and are designed to withstand years of abuse and inhospitable conditions.
 MINIMIS leads the luxury illumination market with the world's most minuscule luminaires - feats of design and engineering that are individually hand-crafted to the highest standards of quality. Our luminaires employ only the finest, most meticulously selected of all-resistant materials, and feature custom, precision-crafted optics that are engineered - to the most demanding of tolerances - to operate error-free in our astonishingly minuscule fixture form factors. Natively waterproof, without need for gaskets or seals, our luminaires offer unparalleled elegance, luxury, and performance in all environments, from warm, enveloping interiors, to the most inhospitable of marine conditions. Such hallmarks underscore the exegencies of design vision in luxury residential, hospitality, civic/institutional, and high-end yachtbuilding projects.
 MINIMIS performs all of its research and development in-house - harnessing emerging technologies and new materials, coupled with a clean, modern design pedigree - ensuring that our vision and our commitment to the minuscule continue to bolster our groundbreaking strides in design, performance, and quality. MINIMIS monitors every stage of the manufacturing process, with redundant QA/QC at every phase. Through surveys and personal outreach, we maintain close involement with our clients, designers, and our dealers, internalizing their valued feedback as inspiration for future product developments and refinements.
 From the very first prototypes and production luminaires that MINIMIS develops, our guiding vision has been to create luminaires that, at once, are minusucule in size, adhere to elegant, minimalist, unobtrusive design tenets, and are powerful in light output. This principle stems from the desire of architects and lighting designers to be able to offer their clients' projects the effect of light, without the luminaire itself being visible.
 The advent of LEDs brought hope that luminaires would shrink considerably in size. However, an LED still generates a considerable amount of heat, and if not efficiently dissipated, the heat will quickly destroy the LED, resulting in the unfortunate requirement for LEDs to be equipped with large, unwieldy heat sinks that negate the size advantages that LEDs could offer. "With this in mind," MINIMIS founder Lorenz explains, "I set about developing an LED/optics base-module that was at once: minuscule, natively waterproof, effectively managed heat, and that emitted a remarkable amount of light." In 2012, upon developing a successful, stable base-module that formed the basis for MINIMIS' popular LP-series of luminaires, Lorenz designed fixture housings that required no gaskets or seals, that assisted the heat dissipation of the MINIMIS base-module, and that would be sleek and minimal, even when the light is off.
 Our in-house consultants provide technical and design assistance to lighting designers, yacht interior designers, naval architects, shipyards, and yachtowners to select the appropriate luminaire, with the most suitable of accessories, for the ideal environment.
 MINIMIS is present worldwide through a growing register of distinguished, carefully curated professional distributors, who are rigorously trained in MINIMIS' offerings, advantages, and installation methods.