An enhancement to the award-winning 1PUCK LP, IRIS LP is a groundbreaking recessed luminaire for flush installation indoor or outdoor into floors, decks, walls, soffits, or ceilings of wood or any drillable material.  With a striking, clean design, IRIS LP boasts the smallest aperture size on the market of only 3/8-inch x 3/8-inch square (10mm x 10mm), and a diminutive fixture diameter (1-inch or 24.5mm).  Patent Pending.

Despite its tiny size, IRIS LP is powerful enough to up-light a single-story wall, yet so small as to virtually disappear.  Also ideal as recessed soffit lighting, for wood soffits. At a mere 12mm thick (0.47"), and a diameter smaller than an American quarter-dollar, IRIS LP is tiny and unobtrusive, and can be placed virtually anywhere.  Fixture comprised of solid, milled Grade-5 titanium, ideal for beachside or marine applications.

Natively 12-volt DC, IRIS LP does not require expensive, proprietary, fragile "LED Drivers" that come with frustrating requirements, such as constant-current operation, or confusing serial wiring schemes. Instead, IRIS LP simply requires standard, voltage-driven (constant-voltage) 12-volt DC power, and simple parallel wiring scheme - the safest and most stable wiring method available. IRIS LP can be powered by a 110v/277v to 12vDC transformer in our optional IP 67 LP-Series Power Kit.

Interoperable with THUMBTACK LP, QUANTUM LP, and DOT LP.

LED Power consumption: 1 watt at 83 milliamps (0.083 amp)

Ships worldwide. 

Compatible with QUANTUM LP, DOT LP, and THUMBTACK LP installations.

MINIMIS 136° precision-crafted lens is optically superior to glass.

Color temperatures:
    2700° Kelvin≈ +/-50ºK, CRI >95
    3000° Kelvin≈ +/-50ºK, CRI >95
    Filterless Amber LED (585-595nm)

Additional color temperatures available, subject to modest price and lead-time increase:

    5000º Kelvin
    BLACK-LIGHT (UV365nm)

5-year warranty.

Contact us for details.

IP Rating: IP 67. The MINIMIS patent-pending design features a fully-integrated LED+lens module that is resistant to full water immersion and temperatures beyond 0ºF (-17ºC), however, our LP-series luminaires are not approved for IP 68 (installation in ponds, fountains, pools, or any body of water - occupied or unoccupied).