PKLPJUMP - Single Jumper Bar for LP-Series Power Kit


MINIMIS LP Power Jumper Bar. This consists of: one (1) quick-install jumper bar, only. The quick-install jumper bar is for bridging terminal blocks in the MINIMIS LP Power Kit terminal enclosure.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to ensure that any changes to your configuration do not exceed the maximum number of sixty apertures on your power supply.  Adding more than sixty apertures to your power supply will invalidate your warranty.

1PUCK LP = 1 aperture.     Max. 60 1PUCK LP per power supply.
THUMBTACK LP = 1 aperture.     Max. 60 THUMBTACK LP per power supply.
BOLLARD LP = 3 apertures.     Max. 20 BOLLARD LP per power supply.

For configurations of greater than 60 apertures, additional complete power kits are required.

Contact us for assistance.

Installation instructions for the LP Power Kit can be found here.  Before installing, consult a licensed electrician to ensure proper safety procedures, and compliance with local and national codes and ordinances. Always wear eye protection.

Subject to availability, MINIMIS reserves the right to substitute for "as good or better" items.

Note: Items may arrive in separate boxes, on separate dates.

POWER SUPPLY KITS for the LP Series of MINIMIS luminaires. For use with 1PUCK LP, THUMBTACK LP and/or BOLLARD LP.      



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