Part of our disruptive new line of micro-minuscule luminaires, PLOOK is the world's smallest recessed or in-grade half-shield sharp-cutoff spot luminaire, dual-purpose for both architectural and landscape applications. With fixture dimensions of an American nickel.  Patent Pending.

Consisting of precision, hand-milled grade-5 titanium, PLOOK is suitable for IP67 installation in any application, including extreme environments such as marine, arctic, and desert conditions. Suitable for recessed installation into horizontal or vertical surfaces of stone, wood, concrete, drywall, etc. for lighting of walls, pathways, walkways, hallways, stairwells, poolside, pond-side, kitchen & bath for projects in the verticals of hospitality, residential, restaurant, civic, institutional, religious, and parks & recreation.

Fixture dimensions of only 0.75" (21mm) diameter and 0.0078" (2mm) elevation. Contact us for available trim kit for concrete installation.

PLOOK offers incredibly high light output from a minuscule form factor. Fixture dimensions of only 0.75" (21mm) diameter and 0.0078" (2mm) elevation. When off, it is nearly imperceptible. The custom-milled metallic cup reflector with sapphire crystal lens, combined with half-shield, provides a very dramatic and stark, sharp-cutoff 30º beam angle with no dazzle.

The heart of PLOOK is a groundbreaking design that features a fully-integrated, water-resistant LED+optics module that has been tested at one meter of full water immersion and temperatures to -17ºC, eliminating the need for gaskets that can crack and fail. This fixture is not intended for IP 68 use.

Available with MP Family light engine (PLMPXX):
Multi-protocol dimming, 94lm, 120mA @ 12vDC
2700º, 3000º, 3500º, 5000º Kelvin

Available with LP Family light engine (PLLPXX):
Non-dimmable, 19lm, 80mA @ 12vDC
2700º, 3000º, 3500º, 5000º Kelvin, AMBER (595nm)

IP67. 5-year warranty.

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